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Support Children’s Services of Roxbury in our continued work to bring peace of mind to thousands of families across Massachusetts.

Join us on Saturday, October 20, 2018 – together we'll create the WORLD'S LARGEST PEACE SIGN on the Boston Common, securing a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! Learn more.

Help us recruit 5000 people!
Help us raise $300K to serve thousands of children and families across Massachusetts!



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Join with Children’s Services of Roxbury and together, let’s set the
world’s record for the World’s Largest Human Peace Sign!  Last year we
came close, this year we intend on getting into the record books!

On Saturday, October 20th at 10AM on the Boston Common bring your family,
friends, neighbors to a fun, free festival of entertainment, games and
music and support the great work of Children’s Services of Roxbury.

Peace of Mind - World Record Attempt
Saturday, October 20, 2018
Boston Common - Parade Grounds
(Parade Grounds located at the corner of Charles St. and Beacon St.)
Suggested Donation: $5 Student/$10 Individual


About Children's Services of Roxbury


people Served Annually

Children Services of Roxbury (CSR) is one of the largest, minority operated, human service providers in Massachusetts, providing high quality service and programming to economically disadvantaged children, youth, families and individuals.



Years Serving communities

CSR’s services cover a wide variety individual and family needs ranging from early education and care, to behavioral health services, to youth and family services. CSR addresses the most basic needs for food, shelter and safety, as well as family support, through promoting and strengthening healthy families and individuals, permanency placements for foster children and family unifications.

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of our clients are Minorities

CSR’s clients are racial, ethnic cultural and/or linguistic minorities including African, African American, Latino, Cape Verdean, Haitian and Asian.

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Early Education and Care

CSR is dedicated to providing comprehensive child care services and helping families establish strong foundations for success. Our child care services are designed to meet the needs of families in our communities whose cultural background, ethnicity and language are diverse and varied.

Youth and Family Services

CSR provides a comprehensive range of services including:  Adoption Assessments, Comprehensive Foster Care, Family Stabilization and Support, Family Visitation, Youth Permanency Connections, Preparing Youth for Adulthood, Parent Mentoring, and Youth & Police in Partnership programs. 

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services provide a full range of preventive and therapeutic clinical services in a context which is linguistically and culturally accessible.

Housing & Stabilization Services

CSR provides guests with shelter, food and clothing in a manner consistent with the principles of dignity and compassion for the person. CSR assists clients with securing Emergency Shelter for Families, Transitional Housing, and Permanent Housing.

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September 2017

More than 1,600 people gathered on the Common yesterday in the hopes of setting the world record for largest human peace symbol as part of an effort to bring people together, heal social divisions and raise awareness for Children’s Services of Roxbury

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Records were made to be broken!

The City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and all of New England for that fact, is known for being the best, be it for sports, politics or even our seafood. So now we are looking to be best at establishing the world’s LARGEST HUMAN PEACE SIGN!


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Set a world record with us!  Sign up to be part of  a world record attempt for the largest human peace sign. Help us recruit 5000 people to break the world record!



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